Adult Hockey Leagues

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Free Agents
  • Need a team? Complete the Free Agent Evaluation Form and we’ll help you find a team that matches your skill level
  • Free agents (new players and players not currently on an OAHL team) should NOT pay league fees until assigned to a team or instructed to do so by OAHL.
  • Free agents for A, B, C, and Over 30 Leagues should email Adam Mims to get on the list.
  • Free agents for D League should email Brad Priest to get on the list.
  • The free agent evaluation session for A, B, C, Over 30 players is Sep 7 9:00-10:00 PM.
  • The free agent evaluation session for lower C and D players is Sep 17 9:10-10:10 PM.
  • No charge for the evaluation session.
  • Numbered black and white jerseys will be distributed for the evaluation.
  • A, B, C, D, Over 30 Divisions
  • 2 season structure: Winter (minimum 21 games) and Summer (minimum 15 games)
  • Schedule, rosters, standings, statistics available here on the OIA website
  • 2017-18 USA Hockey membership is REQUIRED
    • The cost for the annual USA Hockey membership is $50. This membership fee is not included in your league fees. You must do this on your own at
    • Memberships purchased after 4/1/2017 are good through 8/31/2018. If you are holding a 2016-17 membership then it expires 8/31/17 and you MUST renew it prior to playing.
    • If you are registered as a Coach then you are also covered as a Player – it’s the same adult hockey membership.
    • USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (CEP) certification is not a valid membership. The CEP is a separate program and does not necessarily mean that you are a current USA Hockey member.
    • A USA Hockey Referee membership does not qualify as a Coach/Player membership.
  • All players must be adults age 18 and over – NO EXCEPTIONS. This is a strict USA Hockey rule.
  • OAHL is a non-checking and coed league. We treat each other with respect and discretion both on and off the ice.
  • No games on the following holidays for winter season:
    • Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s
  • No games on the following holidays for summer season:
    • Memorial Day, Independence Day


Team Fee

  • $5980 ($460 × 13 players)
  • 50% deposit is due Sep 11. Balance is due at Preseason game.
  • Oceanside will not collect individual fees and then allow the team to pay the difference. The fees must be paid in one transaction by the team rep.
  • D League teams are not eligible for Team Fee. Intent is for OAHL to maintain a sufficient amount of control over D League rosters to ensure overall success of the division and to foster a positive learning environment for all players.

Individual League Fee Structure (all prices include tax)

  • Early bird price – $460
    • For returning players only
    • Due Sep 11
  • Regular price – $480
    • For payments after Sep 11 and up to preseason game
  • Late price – $500
    • For payments after preseason game
    • Not applicable to free agents waiting on team placement
    • Free agents pay regular price once placed on a team
  • Payment plan price – $500 (2 payments of $250)
    • 1st payment is due Sep 11
    • 2nd payment is due Nov 10
    • Completed Credit Card Recurring Payment Authorization Form is required
  • Goalie price – 50% OFF
    • same due dates as above apply
  • 2nd League price – 30% OFF
    • same due dates as above apply
  • Sub Fee
    • $30 per game
    • Restrictions apply

Individual Fee

  • Individual pricing is based on 14 fully paid players and 1 half-price goalie per team. If paying individually you must carry 15 paid players (14+Goalie) or the league reserves the right to assign players to your team.
  • Sub Fee is $30 per game (only applies to individual fee teams)
  • Once a team has 14 paid players and a paid goalie subs may be added to the roster up to the maximum of 17 players and 1 goalie total. Subs pay $30 per game on all teams paying individually. Teams paying individually are subject to sub fees, teams paying as a team are not. Teams with less than full rosters may use pre-approved subs under certain conditions.

Multi-league Discount

  • We offer a special 30% off discount on your 2nd league enrollment. Only applies players plaing on teams made up of players paying individually.
  • Multi-league discount applies to a third league as long as the player’s skill level is appropriate for that league.
  • Goalies are not eligible for the multi-league discount as they are already getting 50% off league fees for each league they play goalie in. A goalie who skates as a player in a different league pays full price for that second league. The only way for an individual to get more than 1 discount is if he/she plays goalie in 2 leagues.
  • Starts on Sep 13, 2017
  • 23 games – 1 preseason + 20 regular + 2 playoff (if qualify)
  • Top 4 teams qualify for double elimination playoffs
  • Most players have played Midget AAA, ACHA D1/D2, NCAA D1/D3, Junior A, Semi-pro
  • Typical Winter Game Slots: Wed 8:55 & 10:20 PM
  • 4 teams
  • Starts on Sep 24-25, 2017
  • 23 games – 1 preseason + 20 regular + 2 playoff (if qualify)
  • Top 4 teams qualify for double elimination playoffs
  • Most players played High School, Midget A/AA, ACHA D1/D2/D3
  • Typical Winter Game Slots: Mon 8:40, 10:05 PM & Sun 7:45, 9:10, 10:35 PM
  • 8 teams projected
  • Starts on Oct 1, 2017
  • 22 games – 1 preseason + 20 regular + 1 playoff
  • All 8 teams qualify for single elimination playoffs
  • Skill level varies from high novice to intermediate. League has novices that worked their way up and vets that are working their way down.
  • Typical Winter Game slots: Sat 6:20, 7:45, 9:10, 10:35 PM & Sun 6:20, 7:45, 9:10 PM
  • 8 teams
  • Starts on Oct 1, 2017
  • 24 games/practices minimum – 1 preseason + 15 regular + 1 playoff + 7 practices
  • Designed for novice and beginner players with little to no competitive hockey experience
  • All 6 teams qualify for single elimination playoffs
  • Practices are coached by Brad Priest and/or assistants
  • Typical Winter Game/Practice Slots: Sun 2:05, 3:30, 4:55, 6:20 PM
  • 6 teams
  • Starts on Sep 21, 2017
  • 23 games – 1 preseason + 20 regular + 2 playoff (if qualify)
  • Top 4 teams qualify for double elimination playoffs
  • Skill level varies from intermediate to advanced – think B League but a step slower
  • Over 30 is a mix of A and B level players in terms of skill level
  • Adults age 30 and over only
  • Typical Winter Game Slots: Thu 8:55 & 10:20 PM
  • 4 teams
Adam Mims
Adult Hockey Director
(480) 941-0944 x. 11
Crystal Koontz
Assistant Adult Hockey Director/ Statistician
(480) 941-0944 x. 10
Brad Priest
D League Director
(480) 941-0944 x. 25
Arizona Hockey Officials Association
  • Single AZ state-wide officials association as per Arizona Amateur Hockey Association guidelines
  • Oceanside contracts with AHOA for on ice officials (referees) only
  • Oceanside uses employees as off ice officials (scorekeepers)
  • Would you like to provide feedback about AHOA on ice officials? Complete the Referee Evaluation Form to submit your evaluation
  • AHOA always need new referees. If you are a hockey player who cares about the game and wants a great part-time job click here AHOA website